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Texas Best Scapes is proud to provide Vista Profession Outdoor Lighting for your home or business. Outdoor lighting can provide many benefits such as beautification, usability, safe passage, security and value to your property. We are able to provide the highest quality LED low voltage lighting systems to our customers.

Landscape lighting for your home or business brings safety and comfort to you and your guests. For your home, use landscape lighting to illuminate trees, flags, flower beds, sitting areas, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, water features, and pools. You can also safely light walkways arounds steps and uneven pathways.

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Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Create elegance to gardens and walkways, illuminate backyards and patios, or add peace of mind and security by lighting home boundaries and driveways.

Whether your desire is to add ambiance, provide safety, or completely revitalizing your home’s look at night, our lighting specialists are ready to help create your personalized design that’s simple, safe and stunning.

Curb Appeal

Landscape lighting creates an inviting outdoor look that sets your house apart. It is a great way to illuminate your home’s best features such as pillars, rock work or other architectural or landscaping features.


Landscape lighting that is designed, installed and maintained by a professional has been reported to add up to 20 percent of the perceived value of a home.


Lighting the entrances and walkways of your home not only adds beauty, but it also increases your safety as well as your guest safety and keeps key areas visible when you’re outside at night.


Landscape lighting acts as a deterrent to criminals looking to break into a neighborhood home. Strategically placed outdoor lighting illuminates darker areas of your yard provides proper illumination deterring intruders.


Solid Brass Landscape Lighting Collection

It’s a difference you have to feel to believe. Compared with spun brass, the proprietary Solid Brass Collection is noticeably heavier in weight to deliver rock solid durability for the long haul. The walls of each fixture are also visibly thicker, so rust and corrosion don’t stand a chance. And if anything ever happens, you have the protection of a ten-year Vista warranty.

This extensive LED line includes Path Lights and Up & Accents, all designed with top-quality lighting technology for precision and lasting satisfaction.

150-Watt Transformer

A rugged and reliable 150W transformer, ideal for smaller sites and energy-smart LED projects. A 20-gauge, polished & clear coated stainless steel cabinet is weathertight and protects the components from moisture and debris. Dual voltage taps in 12-volt and 15-volt. Customize with Vista mechanical, digital, or astronomic timer modules. Vista-Exclusive – adjustable cable raceway feeder easily accommodates multiple wire runs. All Vista Transformers come with a lifetime warranty.

LCS Lighting Control System

The new LCS Lighting Control System is a cloud-based, three-zone dimming controller (150W max) that puts more control in your hands. Install it for new or existing Vista products, or competitive systems-no matter what, installation is a cinch.

Users can access multiple dimming and event programming options, along with a manual override. All they need is a WiFi or data connection. Give your customers the freedom to set dimming styles for all three zones at different times-they’re no longer restricted to dimming all fixtures in unison. Using the app, they have almost infinite ability to adjust and match output through their entire system. Once calibrated, they can choose between preset high, medium and low options.

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